Home office to homes from offices – striking a quality balance?

With so many homes having a dedicated ‘office’ and more office buildings with plans to become converted to homes – the …

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The Good, The Bad and The Future

Whilst exploring topics to add to our blog, it was really the intention to come up with something upbeat; something positive …

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People Construction

With the Scottish Construction Industry said to be ‘on the cusp of a genuine change’ in terms of the well needed …

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Construction WFH, is it Constructive?

Teams and Zoom quickly became most people’s everyday “normal”, accelerated from a small degree of flexible working in pre-pandemic times. Companies …

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Changed ‘pandemic’ attitudes and Construction recruitment: Survival or Revival

THE NEW NORMAL – If you now find you or your business in an entirely or even just a slightly different …

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It is not who you know ——– it is who you trust!

Many talented construction professionals and successful contractors are currently finding themselves in uncharted waters, looking quietly for new opportunities for themselves …

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Scotland’s MMC Future: Evolution or Extinction

In the fifth of our debate series we assembled a panel of experts to look at modern methods of construction: how can Scotland maximise their …

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Collaborate or die: The key to unlocking Scotland’s construction industry

In the fourth of our debate series, we assembled a panel of experts to look at what contributes to a successful economic environment for the …

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Debate Event: Unlocking Scotland’s Construction Industry

The construction and property industry in Scotland contributes a significant amount to our economy – but 10 years after the crash we have once again …

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