Blue Monday, blood moon; but what if it’s all greener on the other side?

Today is apparently the most depressing day of the year! And if you got up early today and witnessed the “super blood wolf moon”, maybe you are also feeling the “impending doom” of the blood moon – or perhaps you started your day with an air of mystical optimism, rather than succumbing to gloomy dour of legend and of a Blue Monday phenomenon created by an advertising executive with let’s face it, not so much science behind it but a desire to encourage us to book a holiday! However, this time last year our industry saw its own shadow cast with the demise of Carillion, which created much uncertainty and hard times in 2018 and perhaps as we move into a year full of the unknown and a deadline for Brexit of March 29th – which we don’t even know will be met – is it any wonder that we all may feel a little overwhelmed and under-supported this January Monday?

In February last year Martin looked at the make-up of the contractors market in Scotland – a year further on and resources are still in uncertain times – if anything shrouded in more doubt than ever before.

If Brexit transpires, resources across the construction industry will be a huge issue – where we are already experiencing increased challenges. Some expect Scotland’s labour force to move south; many at the moment are unsure of growth, be that for team or business development or for individuals as career progression.

Are you a Blue Monday and Blood Moon believer and would you rather sit tight and worry about what’s next? Or do you ride on the optimism of the Super Moon and are keen to boldly push forward with a new challenge?

We have worked in recruitment within the property and construction industry for over 16 years and indeed though these are challenging times, we can help you to explore and understand where you are going and help you to overcome the difficulties that you face. Some may say that here at Mackenzie England we are a good Blue Monday, Super Moon combination – we always look at both sides with a degree of pragmatic optimism! So let’s not allow a sceptical media to talk us in to a fear led approach to the year ahead – our construction industry needs us all to work together, identify strategic solutions and bravely ride the waves of uncertainty ahead.

Get yourself outside today – take in some air, exercise and release those happy endorphins. Despite the blood moon legend- it appears that today wasn’t the end of the world afterall! And if you need a friendly ear to chat through your concerns, or want some motivation to make your next brave move forward then perhaps our independent viewpoint and honest advice could help you explore greener pastures – give us a call, we are always happy to chat or meet for a coffee!

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noun [ C ]; chee-tah
a symbol of fast action, patience, opportunity, self–esteem, flexibility, focus, selectivity, intensity, procrastination, activity, sight, progress, curiosity, intelligence, perception, adaptability, reflection/care.