Changed ‘pandemic’ attitudes and Construction recruitment: Survival or Revival


If you now find you or your business in an entirely or even just a slightly different place,  why not consider a quiet look at the market or seek some business advice to devise a renewed strategy and embark down a new path.

People’s guiding principles have been turned on their heads in various ways; mindsets and attitudes feel different – perhaps because what is important to us has altered and crystallised into a slightly different matter to what it was previously.

Strategic recruitment is all about finding the right person for the role –  matching culture, personality, geographies, financials, aspirations and so on.  It is unfortunately unusual that there is someone about who ‘happens to be available’,  especially in more senior roles where individuals with the right skillset and experience are in scant supply. It often takes an experienced mediator to perform a considered and well-thought out search to find the “golden nugget” – an individual who provides the ultimate solution that works out for the long term.

We often know people well, have insight into drivers from years of building relationships and we can often solve a problem quickly – hence it is always worth giving us a heads up on your recruitment needs.

Our business – Mackenzie England – when performing a search – apply a tried and tested, well-disciplined, people-focussed process and provide a trusted and professional service; 100% of clients agree (data ref). This process includes:

  • mapping out the target companies and individuals suitable to your business requirements to ensure you consider all options.
  • using our existing knowledge and intel built up over the years we can create a list of applicable sources and already known potential candidates which expands and evolves into a combined research and long list of targets.
  • compile anonymous and specific assignment summaries to match the brief
  • conduct considered verification of all candidates
  • contact potential candidates, without disclosing the client identity.
  • if possible (with regards to covid19 restrictions) we then arrange face-to-face meetings or zoom/team meetings with all those identified as suitable, to enable us to gauge more accurately and personally the inidviduals fit for both the role and the business.
  • at short list stage, full candidate assessment reports are compiled to encompass an expansion of the candidate’s CV – an objective assessment on the candidate’s personality, skillset, motivation and suitability for the role.

This considered and meaningful process takes Mackenzie England 6-8 weeks to evolve from a research based long list to a narrowed down focussed and strong shortlist. A presentation of proposed short-list candidates is then arranged in person followed by facilitation of a skilled negotiation to offer stage.  Most importantly – you – the client – have a choice of individual rather than appointing whom might be available.

This all-encompassing approach needs patience and transparency; but the quality of the outcome and the lessons learnt along the way, in what becomes a highly relationship driven process is worth it. Thousands of pounds are spent on agency approaches for important positions that warrant all the extra care, attention to detail and specialist advice that Mackenzie England possess. We operate at a high level of discretion, respect and confidence to ensure our process works.

Harnessing the Mackenzie England approach at this time of changing attitudes may help us all to be better guided through the “working to live; or living to work”  quandary; to survive or revive?

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