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With the Scottish Construction Industry said to be ‘on the cusp of a genuine change’ in terms of the well needed shedding of its old-fashioned image. Can this mean it will become a more attractive and viable career option for a new and diverse generation of workers, those needing flexible arrangements but also those with …

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Construction WFH, is it Constructive?

Teams and Zoom quickly became most people’s everyday “normal”, accelerated from a small degree of flexible working in pre-pandemic times. Companies have more fully embraced the digital technology readily available and from the outside, it seemed an almost seamless transition – amazing how adaptable even the traditional construction industry can be when something becomes crucial …

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It is not who you know ——– it is who you trust!

Many talented construction professionals and successful contractors are currently finding themselves in uncharted waters, looking quietly for new opportunities for themselves or strategic recruitment advice as heads of departments or businesses. Who you know well within your own network and connections are a good starting point to uncover information or opportunities.  However, when it comes …

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Preconstruction Preconstruction Preconstruction

The only mantra that seems to currently matter …. Preconstruction, Preconstruction, Preconstruction. WHICH COMPANIES ARE  going to do well in these difficult times?  Only those with a well-oiled and appropriate preconstruction team will live to see another day and those who NAIL IT will LEAD the market coming out of this mess. Some may think these times are a stark reminder of the last recession where pre-construction was …

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Collaborate or die: The key to unlocking Scotland’s construction industry

In the fourth of our debate series, we assembled a panel of experts to look at what contributes to a successful economic environment for the construction industry to thrive in Scotland.   The main issues debated were: The need for clarity and stability Attracting and securing funding and investment The challenges of the Scottish planning …

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