It is not who you know ——– it is who you trust!

Many talented construction professionals and successful contractors are currently finding themselves in uncharted waters, looking quietly for new opportunities for themselves or strategic recruitment advice as heads of departments or businesses.

Who you know well within your own network and connections are a good starting point to uncover information or opportunities.  However, when it comes to recruiting for key strategic positions or finding the right opportunity for yourself in these unpredictable and challenging times, a trusting search and recruitment specialist with extensive experience across the built environment is likely to be your best bet!

Trust is critical – it is the glue binding together everything we do: our relationships, our actions as well as our expectations of others. The element of trust is central to our ethos and what our reputation is based on – our trusted relationships have been earned over many years and we are looking forward to forge new ones.

No matter what is said about the rise of recruitment algorithms and CV analysis, strong human relationships will always be the most important aspect of successful recruitment.  We nurture our strong client relationships and candidates through our trusting and honest approach. Trust can be looked at from a digital, financial, emotional, and physical perspective and being trustworthy involves approaching the needs and concerns across each of the four dimensions with competence and intent. We fulfill this process by “doing the right thing”: following through on what we say we will do in an effective and meaningful way with impact.  We will take action and make decisions from a place of genuine empathy, transparency, as well as carefully evaluating each individual situation and circumstance.

Our process may take a little longer, but we like to get to know you to gain a thorough insight and an in-depth understanding of what is required so there is a satisfactory long term solution reached in the end. While we have always favoured and never skimped on allowing time for lengthy face-to-face contact – in this new normal, this may not always be possible, so our new process is flexible and as personable as virtually and practically possible.

TRUST Mackenzie England to help you or your business sail steadily out of these “choppy” waters.

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noun [ C ]; chee-tah
a symbol of fast action, patience, opportunity, self–esteem, flexibility, focus, selectivity, intensity, procrastination, activity, sight, progress, curiosity, intelligence, perception, adaptability, reflection/care.