Preconstruction Preconstruction Preconstruction

The only mantra that seems to currently matter ….

Preconstruction, Preconstruction, Preconstruction.

WHICH COMPANIES ARE  going to do well in these difficult times?  Only those with a well-oiled and appropriate preconstruction team will live to see another day and those who NAIL IT will LEAD the market coming out of this mess.

Some may think these times are a stark reminder of the last recession where pre-construction was the only place where there was any activity whatsoever apart from some lagging projects that were won before the world fell off the cliff.

While most of the excitement comes from the actual building process and the final resulting structure, it’s vital in the current climate to spend appropriate quality time with clever individuals “partnering” with clients building up a fabulously competitive and inventive proposal – this can only be done with a strong multifaceted pre-con team.

The majority of ‘Tier 1’ contractors’ structures now reflect a strong focus on pre-construction, a consequence of the last recession, aiming for seamless delivery from inception to handover – avoiding heavy losses due to mistakes and misalignments. This lesson mustn’t be lost amidst a COVID19 recovery  ‘race to the bottom’ across the Construction market!

Whatever your specialism, the appointment of talent to fulfil Pre-Construction management could be someone from an operational or indeed commercial background depending on the existing team.  Consider the need for a Pre-Construction role in your business as an investment to help lay the foundations for a successfully constructed project by establishing success measurements to maximize project efficiency and minimize potential obstacles.  Perhaps obvious, but a problem that many suffered coming out of the last Recession; lessons learned?

As a business/team leader are you confident that you and your team are collectively achieving effective Preconstruction??

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a symbol of fast action, patience, opportunity, self–esteem, flexibility, focus, selectivity, intensity, procrastination, activity, sight, progress, curiosity, intelligence, perception, adaptability, reflection/care.